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Frankie Attiogbe, LMHC
(she, her)

Hi Parent or Guardian! I want both you and your child(ren) to feel supported in this new, sometimes long, sometimes confusing process, and I need your help: If client is not able to read, could you please read this aloud to them?

Hello! My name is Frankie and I love stories! I find a lot of joy in knowing others in their authentic stories, and I’m honored that you’ve trusted me to come alongside you in yours. My approach to counseling is about working together in a safe, compassionate, environment to help you develop into the fullest, healthiest version of yourself, and sometimes we do that by being curious and creative about the ways we’d like our stories to develop. My hope for you is that our counseling relationship can help you get a little closer to creating the meaningful life you are worthy of.

For Caretakers/Guardians: I’m passionate about my work with kiddos! My work includes (but is not limited to) navigating feelings of peer isolation, supporting healthy expression of emotions, and exploring cultural and gender identity in children 0-12 years. I think it’s important for us to be curious about and explore the ways they are taught to be in the world, and I’m here to work alongside you in creating spaces that do not confine your child(ren) to what they ‘ought’ to be so that they can grow into their most authentic selves. If you have questions or are concerned about what this might look like, let’s talk! I look forward to working with you and your kiddo(s)!

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