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Savannah Wright

(she, her)

Hello, my name is Savannah (she/her) and I am a clinical intern at The Treehouse. I am currently in the final stages of the Masters in Counseling program at the University of New Mexico. I am learning everyday from the people around me and am excited to continue to grow in the field.

I enjoy working with all ages individually and am also interested in working with couples. I believe that every single person has strengths that guide them on their journey that is unfolding everyday and a story they are a creator of. I feel honored support and to bear witness to those stories. Building relationships with empathy, authenticity, and acceptance is at the core of how I approach counseling.   

I have an interest in humanistic counseling, and with that also have an awareness that there isn’t one way that works for everyone. My in progress training includes both directive and non-directive approaches. The arts are my jam - music, painting, dance, the list goes on - and love the ways art and creativity can be used to connect deeper with ourselves, express what we are feeling, and move about the world authentically. I look forward to getting to come journey with you as you navigate on your path.

Outside of work, I think of myself as a renaissance woman with my toes in a variety of hobbies. I enjoy music, arts and crafts, movement, and reading to name a few.

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