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Avery Miller, LMHC

(she, her)

Hi! My name is Avery Miller (She, Her), and I am a therapist here at the Treehouse! My background is in Early childhood multicultural education.I was a preschool and Pre-k teacher for 10 years and then made the switch to providing ABA services while in graduate school.

I earned my undergraduate degree in Early childhood multicultural education at New Mexico highlands university, and I currently attend Grand Canyon University and will graduate in August with my MS in clinical mental health counseling. When finished, I plan to continue my training in play therapy and one day obtain my RPT credential. I have a huge passion to help children in our community who are facing adversity due to my own personal experiences with my own family. Particularly my son, he is an 11-year-old cancer survivor, is ADHD and possibly Autistic.

My favorite thing to do in the whole world is play with things that are messy! Slime is one of my personal favorites, but I love everything messy! I have a few special interests, but the one I talk about the most is my Funko Pop collection. I collect characters from The Office and various other tv shows, but my The Office collection is just my pride and joy.

I love working with young children and helping them work through things using experiential play therapy but will always meet individuals where they are and meet their needs before moving in any particular therapeutic direction. Come play with me!

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