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A Treehouse, A free house
A special you and me house.
A high up in the leafy branches, 
cozy as can be house.

A street house, A neat house.
A be sure to wipe your feet house.
Is not my kind of house at all.
Let's go to The Treehouse.

Shel Silverstein



Our mission is to provide the highest quality therapy services in a safe and supportive environment while promoting play, healing, and well-being through guidance, advocacy, and support.


Our providers are experienced in a variety of treatment modalities and offer a full range of collaborative interventions including individualized therapy services, support and connection groups, marriage and family counseling, behavior consultation, and family support for individuals of all ages.

The Treehouse is a behavioral health agency that is constantly evolving to better provide affirming care. While we specialize in providing exceptional play therapy for children, we also believe in offering high quality services to all humans. 

Many members of our team are neurodivergent individuals or are parents of children with unique medical needs, autism, and learning differences.


Our values are focused on the following three ideas: 

  • Acknowledgement (“I will be heard”)

  • Support (“I can get the help I need”)

  • Trust (“I will be treated fairly”)

These ideas are core values to both who we are as therapists and who we are as a business. 

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