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Educational Resources

This list is for information purposes.  The Treehouse does not endorse any of the following schools. To have your listing added to this please email

Many of us are asking the question, are public schools the best option for our students? Thankfully, there are many alternatives that might better fit our children’s needs. The following options are briefly discussed, along with lists of service providers.

  • Online school is usually taught by teachers that follow a set curriculum. Some of them are able to make modifications based on the child’s skill levels and accommodations needed. The benefits can be later start times, fewer distractions, and fewer negative social interactions with peers. Unfortunately, there can also be less assistance from teachers, confusing online resources and longer assignments to make up for classroom time. 


Your child needs to have a high level of computer skills to access apps and information for completing work. Some homeschoolers also use online schooling to supplement their curriculum. This helps take the pressure off the parent to provide sometimes needed structure.


-New Mexico Connections Academy, Grades 4 – 12, (tuition free charter school)


  • Homeschooling is done mainly by the parents in the home. Some use a set curriculum but others pull from multiple resources. There are lots of co-ops, clubs and groups available to help provide a broader education and for social interactions that might be lacking in the homeschool setting. There can be some issues with the added amount of work for the parents and the need for space in the home to conduct learning and store materials.


In New Mexico, there are laws governing homeschooling. You need to be the child’s parent or guardian and have a high school diploma or GED. The child must be between the ages of 5 and 18. Notice needs to be given to the state each year that you are choosing homeschooling and they need a copy of the child’s immunizations on record. Please check the state’s website for any additions, laws and updates.


-New Mexico Home School Community Blogspot

-Homeschool Las Cruces and Southern NM

-Homeschoolers of Mesilla Valley

-Otero County Home-School Educators

-Christian Association of Parent Educators

-Santa Fe Homeschool Association

-Los Alamos Homeschoolers

-Santa Fe Christian Homeschool Group

-Carlsbad New Mexico Homeschool Group

-ABQ Homeschool Science Co-operative

-Albuquerque Home Learners

-East Mountain Native American Home School

-Home Learning Community of Santa Fe

-Lea County Home School Association

-NM Pagan Parents

-Outer Limits Educators of NM

-Southwest Eclectic Homeschoolers


  • Private school is usually, though not always, religious based. Many have smaller class sizes and a better teacher to student ratio. The student may receive more individual time and higher expectations. The cost may be prohibitive to some but scholarships may be possible. Sports and clubs may be lacking along with therapy and social services although some private schools are specifically set up to help with various learning disabilities.


-DLD Sycamore (specifically for learning disabilities)

-Del Rio Academy, Los Lunas, Grades 4 - 8 (special education)

-May Center for Learning, Santa Fe, Grades pre-K - 8 (special education)

- Pathways Academy, Grades K - 12 (specifically for learning differences)

-Presbyterian Ear Institute


  • Montessori schools are focused on children becoming independent learners. The students are usually in groups with different ages and tend to stay with a single teacher so that stronger bonds can form. Some parents feel that the more hands-off approach isn’t a good fit for their children who lack initiation skills, require redirection and more structure. However, some children thrive in the less rigid environment.


-Montessori of the Rio Grande (charter school)

-Mountain View Montessori

-The Montessori Elementary and Middle School

-Esquela del Sol

-Springstone Montessori

- Montessori ONE Academy

-LEAP International Montessori

-Our Montessori School

-Cottonwood Montessori


  • Unschooling is an attempt to erase some of the trauma and stress caused by public school influences. Some parents allow students to freely follow their own interests and themes of education without a set curriculum. The are no schedules or grades, which may be hard for those that need routines and have a hard time with getting started. Depending on the child, this may require a lot from the parents. Unschooling focuses more on learning and less on following rules and obedience. There is less teaching and more relying on the children’s interest and natural curiosity.


-Los Alamos Unschoolers and Relaxed Homeschoolers

-Albuquerque Unschoolers


  • Public school is the most widely available type of schooling. There is little financial cost to the parents and little input is needed from them. Children have a set schedule and set curriculum. There are many opportunities for social skills to develop including sports and clubs for individual interests. There are also set procedures to help children with special needs such as IEPs and 504s. Speech Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists,  social workers and counselors are also available. The lack of flexibility in curriculum and large class sizes can be detrimental for some students as can the negative social interactions with peers. Not all public schools provide classrooms suitable for your student with special needs. Your child may be moved from school to school as curriculums are made available.


-Alice King (charter school)

-Aztec Complex, pre-K - age 2

-Highlands HS


If you know of other options, your input would be greatly appreciated. Please contact us at

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