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ADHD Resources

This list is for information purposes.  The Treehouse does not endorse any of the following resources. To have your listing added to this please email



 Women with ADHD, by Sari Solden

Smart but scattered (kids, teens), by Peg Dawson

Driven to distraction, by Dr. Ned Hallowell

The ADHD Advantage, by Dr. Dale Archer

Faster Than Normal, by Peter Shankman

Find Your Focus Zone, by Dr Palladino

CEO of Self: An executive functioning workbook, by Jan Johnston-Tyler

Brain Hacks: Life changing ways to improve executive functioning, by Lara Honos-Webb

You mean I’m not lazy Stupid or Crazy, by Kelly and Ramundo

The ADHD Effect on Marriage,  by Melissa Orlov 

The Couple's Guide to Thriving with ADHD, by Melissa Orlov & Nancie Kohlenberger 

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